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Seeing an opportunity in Texas, Darrell McLain and his sons, Greg and Phil, founded Kitchen Pride Mushroom Farms. Beginning with 18 growing rooms and a modest packing area, Kitchen Pride began producing mushrooms in Gonzales, Texas.


Kitchen Pride developed and matured as a company building a reputation for high quality and customer service throughout the early 90's. As time went on the need to grow became clear. The McLains added an additional 16 growing rooms to the facility completing what was the company's first of many expansions.


By the end of 2003, Kitchen Pride had built 21 more growing rooms, resulting in a total of 55. Close attention to details, hard work, and a customer centered culture continued to increase demand in Texas for Kitchen Pride mushrooms.


As mushroom technology advanced, Kitchen Pride advanced with it during the 2000's investing in state-of-the-art traceability systems, room control upgrades, and an additional 10 growing rooms bringing the total to 65.


Despite the world-wide challenges that COVID-19 brought, Kitchen Pride completed an extensive expansion project including 16 additional larger growing rooms and a state-of-the-art packing facility.


Sunridge Partners, a private agricultural holding company, invested in Kitchen Pride to fuel additional growth and expand the business carrying on the McLain tradition of quality, integrity, and always looking toward the future.

-2021 Onward-

Kitchen Pride looks toward a bright future of ever increasing demand for fresh mushrooms and additional ways to provide mushrooms and related product to consumers across North America.

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